Hyndburn Coatings

the uPVC window painting specilists.

How doe's it work?

We use a special 2 part paint.

You choose whatever shade and finish you like. with hundreds of colours to choose from.

The paint has a mild acid that helps to bond the paint to the surface of your windows ensuring that once dry it wont ever peel or flake.

The uv stable top coat wont ever fade in sunlight.

10 year guarantee.


All our uPVC paintwork is guaranteed against Fading, flaking and peeling. so no need to worry what will happen come winter.

What we do.


We can spray almost any surface. we not only spray uPVC but also paint 

Kitchen cabinates.

Tiles, bathrooms and kitchens.

Garage doors and much much mkre.



Our paint sprayers are fully qualified and insured and IMI acredited. Ensuring top quality workmanship and satisfaction guaranteed.


With over 15 years in the painting and construction industries you can rest assured that final finish will be perfect everytime.



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